PHILADELPHIA — June 9, 2021 — Good Life Companies, a family of firms delivering a fully supported independent experience for financial advisors, today announced the launch of its new capabilities as a multi-broker-dealer platform. Going forward, independent financial advisors who affiliate with Good Life Companies can choose among a number of national independent broker-dealers, in addition to conducting their businesses on a multi-custodial basis.

Good Life Companies and its family of firms encompass 200 financial advisors and 300 insurance professionals across the country, overseeing more than $5 billion in total client assets.  The firm is uniquely focused on delivering disruptive tools, including products and experiences, that give financial advisors the ability to create wealth for Middle American families and businesses while building their own brand in the communities they serve.

Conor Delaney, Founder & CEO of Good Life Companies, said, “W-2 employee financial advisors are exhausted after the last year of grinding through market ups and downs with their clients while the advisors’ employers – primarily publicly-traded Wall Street firms – posted record profits on the backs of these hard-working men and women.  Increasingly in today’s industry environment, giving up 60 or 70 cents on the dollar for a desk and a lamp is no longer a precedent or expectation that experienced financial advisors are willing to tolerate.”

Mr. Delaney continued, “Instead, by affiliating with us and using our tool suite to create turnkey, fully supported independence, financial advisors can fully focus on their clients, versus earnings per share for a big Wall Street firm.  Giving our financial advisor partners the choice of where they want us to build their brand and business is key.  At Good Life Companies, we are aligning with the biggest players in the independent space, so we can most effectively attract the financial advisors who want their name on the door but don’t want to be hassled with day-to-day operations.  As our firm’s ongoing growth demonstrates, there continues to be surging demand for partnering with a firm that is led by financial advisors, built for financial advisors and delivers an unprecedented level of affiliation and business model choice and flexibility.”

Good Life Companies enables multi-broker-dealer selection for both newly recruited financial advisors, as well as financial advisors already affiliated with the firm.  The hybrid RIA group accomplishes this through its network of RIA subsidiaries that advisors can seamlessly move between, with each broker-dealer relationship corresponding to a specific Good Life Companies-owned RIA entity.

Mr. Delaney continued, “We are giving our financial advisors the opportunity to align with the broker-dealer and custodial partners that have the greatest potential to be successful at continuously earning their business.  Choice and flexibility must include more competition, which is necessary to keep the broker-dealers and custodians who partner with financial advisors from becoming complacent.  The broker-dealers and custodians that Good Life Companies partners with are led by great people who want to be pushed to be their best.  Our financial advisors know that we are advocating for the best service experience possible.  And now, with the flexibility of getting “The Good Life” across many platforms, our independent broker-dealer and custodial partners will remain on the top of their game for our financial advisors. This not only translates into a better experience for our advisors, but also turns into a more meaningful experience for their clients.”

Good Life Companies also reported that its new multi-broker-dealer platform will serve as the starting point for the creation of a new wave of financial advisor-facing and client-facing tools.  These tool suites will utilize the firm’s unparalleled flexibility to transcend traditional personal finance and investment management functions, placing the financial advisor at the front and center of each end client’s life and lifestyle.

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