Reading, PA May 21, 2020 – In an effort to diversify the talent of the Good Life leadership team, Good Life Companies has announced the hiring of Joe Sponcia, formally of SmartRIA, as the Senior Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions. 

As a member of Good Life’s executive team, Sponcia’s position primarily involves working with the business development team to identify and structure strategic partnerships that may lead to a merger or acquisition. The focus will be on identifying organizations that see a gap that can be filled with the Good Life services and products. Additionally, identifying organizations that have services, software, products, or ideas that would be good attachments to the Good Life Advisors tool suite. In pursuit of this objective, the role involves evaluating the competitive landscape, researching market developments and advising executive management of revenue opportunities.

Sponcia spent the last nine years in the technology sector working most recently for SmartRIA, TAC Insight, The IT Company LLC, and Digital Crossing Networks. Most recently, he helped two SaaS start-ups, SmartRIA and TAC Insight build a Sales and Marketing engine to rapidly accelerate growth. With The IT Company and Digital Crossing Networks, he worked with high security and high compliance clients on business continuity, streamlining processes via cloud computing, and customer acquisitions. Prior to entering into the technology sector, Sponcia spent the first half of his career working in construction-related fields.

“The synergies between Joe as an individual coupled with his skill set versus the gaps we are aiming to fill make Joe a perfect candidate to help us accelerate growth,” said Conor Delaney, Chief Executive Officer of Good Life Companies.

“Before joining the Good Life team, Conor Delaney and I worked directly on starting a consulting services company, TotalRIA, which should be launching soon. I quickly found that we were aligned spiritually and culturally, and from a business perspective we seemed to click when the discussion turned to running great organizations. After being exposed to the Good Life suite of services, I knew at some point I wanted to turn our friendship into a working relationship. As Senior Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions for Good Life, I’m excited to bring my talents and experience to what is a growing and vibrant team. I feel with long sales cycles often being the norm, I have the ability to build deep relationships through partnerships, helping Good Life and the suite of tools they offer to their employees, advisors and clients continue to expand,” said Joe Sponcia. You can reach Joe Sponcia at (865) 310-3826 and by email at

About Good Life

Good Life is driven to change the way in which financial products, services and advice are distributed to everyday clients in communities across the country. To stand out in an industry that has been largely commoditized, Good Life needs to be different to be great. Sometimes being different is not just about being focused on the financial services offered to clients or advisors, but it is about building an ecosystem and community that improves lives. The Good Life culture is centered around a vibrant, upbeat work environment where employees are encouraged to think freely, dress for their day, all while having a strong focus on overall financial health and physical wellness. For more information, visit and

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