Good Life Companies is a result of the culmination of a small group of Financial Advisors that came together to create a platform and culture for other Financial Advisors that are also in pursuit of their vision of the Good Life.

Why Good Life?

Advisors come to Good Life seeking a path to independence. Our proven system gives them that. We offer an easy transition and onboarding process to help you establish your practice, followed by a full range of ongoing support services. From practice management and lead generation to advisor training, compliance, and more, we are here to serve as your dedicated partner.

our values

At Good Life, we believe in serving others so that their “Good Life” is more attainable because of our team’s involvement in it. To do this, we pray for wisdom, insist on best practices, continually improve, embrace team unity, and are committed to helping our clients secure their future. Through our family of dedicated professionals, focused on being the best trained, most knowledgeable, and hardest working advisors for our clients, we never stop seeking to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

our misson

Our mission is to disrupt the status quo in financial services and deliver on a calling to serve middle-American families and business owners, helping them to identify and achieve their version of “the Good Life” by optimizing our God-given talents and resources from a place of gratitude.

  • Conor Delaney
    Founder & CEO
  • Lee Alcorn
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Nick LoPresti
    Chief of Staff
  • Rob Engle
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Steve Nicholas
    Executive Vice President, Human Resources
  • Lauren Hoyt-Williams
    Executive Vice President, Marketing & Communication