Monday April 28, 2017
LPL Financial

Conor Delaney’s parents were school teachers who lived paycheck to paycheck. Despite their knowledge and success in academia, they were unaware of the importance of investing or retirement planning, and they struggled just to pay the monthly bills, filing bankruptcy twice. Then, just days after Conor graduated from high school in 2003, Conor’s father died suddenly at age 52.

“When I lost him, it put everything into perspective. It threw me right into adulthood, taking care of my mom and family as well as having to start college only weeks later,” Conor said, now a father of three children under the age of 5 with his wife Elizabeth. “My mother was wrestling with health and financial issues so we had to figure out a way to make money and make good financial decisions.”

Conor went to an advisor, only to learn there was “not enough” money left after paying expenses. “I had never even written a check prior to that day,” Conor said.

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