Everyone wants to live a good life, but some individuals and companies pursue this mantra more avidly than others

Berks County native Courtnie Nein, President of Good Life Financial Advisors, is dedicated to living and promoting a good life. For Courtnie and Good Life Advisors, the equation is simple: “Good Life = Health & Wealth.” In the workplace, she supports a culture of positivity, physical wellness and financial knowledge. She believes to promote financial wellness, an individual must practice mindful living in all facets of life, whether this be through volunteering, exercising, hobbies, or spending time with family. Courtnie encourages every individual to find a way of practicing good living. At Good Life, Courtnie spearheads a culture centered around a vibrant, upbeat work environment where employees are encouraged to think freely and dress for what their day demands. This culture is the core of Good Life’s new corporate headquarters, located in Cumru Township and scheduled to open in February 2018. Her progressive work mindset has earned her numerous awards, such as 2017 Forbes’ Top Next Generation Wealth Advisors Award and 2017 Forbes’ Top Millennial Advisors Award. As a mother of two young boys, she hopes to inspire working mothers to continue to be leaders in the workplace and innovators in their respective industries. Click here to see the article!