Defining your value proposition doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Advisors often make the mistake of viewing the value proposition as a sales pitch or elevator speech. It’s not. Your objective is to communicate your value to prospective clients. This is your opportunity to promote your unique offering to your target audience. In this post, we’ll help you understand how to create a compelling financial advisor value proposition that you can use across your sales and marketing materials.

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Preparing to Write Your Value Proposition

Your value proposition might be the single most important piece of content you create. Don’t go into the project unprepared. Before writing your first word, review your original business plan and do a little soul searching. Think about why you got into the business. What makes you passionate about what you do? Who would you most prefer to serve?

Getting this right on the first try is a bonus. But it’s okay to make changes if you don’t get good conversion results with your first effort. You could also create multiple versions. In today’s business environment, a value proposition is essentially a landing page, so setting up some A/B testing isn’t a bad idea. You could vary the language on the original or attack multiple niches that way.

Keep It Brief & Direct

The ideal value proposition should take no longer than thirty seconds to review. If you get too long-winded, as many of us tend to do, you’ll lose your reader. Remember, the value proposition is simply your introduction. You want to describe what you do in a few sentences, so clients feel compelled to call or book an appointment with you. 

How to Draft a Compelling Value Proposition

Mull all this over and make a few notes for yourself. Do some research into your target market. What are the numbers? Are any of your competitors servicing that market? Review some competing websites to get ideas, but don’t simply borrow someone else’s work. To get you started on the right track, here are some tips and strategies to help you draft an engaging financial advisor value proposition:

Step #1: Begin with Your Story

Financial services is a relationship business. The first piece of any value proposition should be a few lines about who you are and why you chose finance as a profession. Talk about your personal drivers, past experience, and education. If you’re planning to target a certain niche, explain how you are connected. Don’t be too verbose. This should be a concise summary. 

Step #2: Define Your Target Audience

Every advisor should have a preferred target audience or niche. It’s the only way you can compete in a highly completive market. Define your target in your value proposition. Begin with a direct statement—for example, “We specialize in financial solutions for (target).” Then follow up with a few reasons why you’re a good fit for prospects in that field.  

Step #3: Identify Pain Points

You chose your target market based on your knowledge and understanding of the challenges they face. Your value proposition needs to communicate that by identifying pain points they can relate to. Write a few lines, directly below your target definition, that are designed to tap into the emotions and fears of your target prospects. Don’t sensationalize. Just relate.    

Step #4: Avoid Taglines & Industry Clichés

While telling potential prospects that you’ll work for their best interests and provide exceptional customer service is a nice thought, it won’t help you stand out. Lines like these, unfortunately, are far too common in advisor value propositions. Don’t take that approach. If you want to set yourself apart from your competitors, be original. Speak to your reader as an advocate, not an advertiser.   

Step #5: Briefly Summarize Your Solution

Define your services in a few sentences. You’ll want to summarize your unique solutions to the pain points you’ve already highlighted. Avoid terms like “customized portfolios” or “tailored solutions.” That’s industry jargon. Talk about how you’ve helped others find a path to financial freedom and comfortable retirement—and try not to get too technical.

Step #6: Prepare a Response Plan

When a prospect responds to your value proposition, you’ll want to be ready to answer their questions. To prepare, put yourself in a prospect’s shoes. Read your messaging aloud and record it. Then play it back and put yourself in the client’s position. What questions would you ask? What kind of response are you looking for? Prepare some talking points and make sure you have a response plan in place for them.

Step #7: Prepare for Launch

Your value proposition is complete. The next step is to get it out there. How exactly will you communicate your value to your niche market? Building out the messaging on your website is the first step. Social media is another great option. Networking events are more personal. Each of these require a different strategy and may generate entirely different types of responses. Are you prepared?

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