After the isolation of the pandemic, many people wish they could visit organizational headquarters, have conferences, meet face-to-face and share a laugh over a meal again.

In particular, independent financial advisors – traditionally more fearful of feeling professionally isolated – hope to meet soon with their partners at super-OSJs, corporate RIAs or broker-dealers to re-establish the human connection so abruptly replaced by video calls.

But most of these professionals wouldn’t entertain hopes that a busy C-suite executive might ever visit them at their hometown in their own office – And certainly in the midst of a pandemic.

Taking “Holistic” to a Higher Level

One CEO did exactly that. Conor Delaney, Founder and CEO of super-OSJ and wealth management firm Good Life Financial, spent much of the fourth quarter of 2021, between the Delta and Omicron waves, travelling 20,000 miles cross-country to meet with hundreds of affiliates in a 42-state network.

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